Open House – uma casa grega aqui no blog

Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (26) Há tempos frequento blog Rdekko (clique aqui e veja a versão traduzida para o português), da grega Eva Topalidou.

O endereço é uma delícia, sempre tem imagens diferentes e lindas.

Vale conhecer o olhar da blogueira, que além de viver em um país maravilhoso, tem um gosto apuradíssimo.

Tanto é que quando conheci sua casa fiquei apaixonada, um lugar diferente, descolado e bem alegre.

Foi aí que tive a idéia de convidar a Eva para fazer seu Open House no blog.

Então, aqui vai:

this house is one apartment now but used to be two. That's why the corridor exists. As for the decor, you know if you're in this business that you always have the solution for the others, but for your home everything changes everyday.

Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (16)

Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (11)

I wanted to have a plain space in order to keep inside many items that I simply adore. I can't live without objects. I even have a "kitsch items collection". I keep things during the years.

Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (14)Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (13)

Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (1)

The papers on the wall are free cards - most of them - that you can find in any coffee store and i collect them. I just used "blue tag" to mount them on the wall.

The objects on the con the wall are all lovelies, books, the deer head from etsy, the mondrian poster, an old frame of my grandmother and a personal photo from Africa.


Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (19)Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (4)

On my dining table you can see at least 10 candleholders, just opposite of the Thomas Paul plates. Another think that i keep for years are my first pair of ski. Since i don't use them anymore i mounted them on the wall.

Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (6)

The kitchen has an island turned towards the view. The cabinet are wenge wood with corian countertop. I collect items on my countertop too.

Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (2)Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (17)

As for the bathroom i chose to keep it in concrete and i just used stencil to write my bain recipie and i decoupaged the King Elvis of Andy Warhol on the wall.

Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (5)Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (8)

Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (22)Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (24)

My floor is concrete with epoxy paint.

Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (3)Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (15)

I simply love to keep many individual items and i dream that one day i will have a whole space for them.

Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (23)

Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (18)Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (20)

Hope you also enjoy my apartment view of Piraeus port that turns all red in sunset time.

Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (7)

Casa de Valentina - Rdekko (10)


Ps: Of course i keep calling my friends form the local phone i bought from Pedlars.

13 comentários:

  1. Lovely!!!Very good taste!
    I had a question, because don´t know Greece so well, and wish to know about the city Eva lives...
    So I ask to Google,they answer, and I´ll share with you all:"Pireaus:A city of east-central Greece on the Saronic Gulf southwest of Athens. Its port was built in the 5th century B.C. and after extensive development in the mid-19th century became the principal seaport of the country. In ancient times it was connected with Athens by the Long Walls, two parallel walls some 183 m (600 ft) apart. Population: 175,000."

  2. Amei o relógio do George Nelson e a batedeira laranja, entre outros detalhes. A casa é bem aconchegante e eu amei a varanda! Bjs!

  3. Que casa lindaa! adorei a batedeira laranja! fofa d+! Beijoss

  4. Thank you so much Lucila. It is the ultimate joy in a deco-blogger's life to be posted (with his house) in a great blog like your Casa de Valentina. I am extra happy that srTa.Formiga googled to find info for my town. It is a wonderful city with a lot of sea view like the most of Greece. Thanks again.Hugs to you and your readers.

  5. Oi Lucila,
    Essa é uma casa com cara e jeito de casa, não é mesmo? Gostei muito.

  6. Oi, linda!

    Adorei essa casa..
    Muito linda mesmo! Fiquei louca aqui!!

    Aproveito a oportunidade pra falar que adoro o seu blog!
    É nota 10!!

    Bejo flor. ;D

  7. Wooow, Rdekko! What a lovely home!
    Thank you so much for sharing the pics with us. Actually I love it all but I was just daydreaming about the amazing sunset you must enjoy from your balcony.
    As I'm now so much into this "process" of decorating my own apartment.. I'm just so focused in kitchen deco and furniture, that I needed to say your kitchen is also charming (crazy about your yellow kitchen Aid) :)

    Hopefully I will have some vacation in Greece someday. :)
    Congrats again.

    Porto Alegre / Brazil

  8. Fantástico este post! Além da criatividade e originalidade da decoração (que, para mim é o máximo do legal: casa com personalidade, com a cara de quem mora nela!!)ainda termina com essa varanda de vista maravilhosa, com essa jarrinha de bolinhas mega fofa e esse telefone para arrematar!!! Amei!

  9. Thank you all for your comments. I really enjoy -who doesn't?- to hear good words. The truth is that they aren't the best photos, but i was dying to upload them. The point is that i adore objects. I can't leave one place selling home goodies without bying a beautiful nothing. I also enjoy afternoons of changing anything in there. The biggest wish i have is the invention of a way hanging frames without nails, so i could change it all everyday. Not that i don't. Hugs to all.

  10. WOW...interesting objects throughout this home...LOVE that view.

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  11. esse apartamento é ótimo, eu tenho uma forte atração pela cor cinza.

  12. A decoração é de extremo bom gosto. Esse lustre grande é bem comum lá na Grécia. Pireus (é um bairro por assim dizer de Athenas, é onde se pega os navios para ir para as ilhas), onde ela mora é tudo de bom, tive o prazer de conhecer.
    É extremamente clean e moderno, dá uma sensação de aconchego,limpeza e organização.


    Bjos e boa semana

  13. The house looks great,full of good choises and ideas but I think you should keep some of your lovely objects in boxs for a while and replace then time to time, it would give then a new fresh look! Give one try and you will see!!! Kisses ... Bianca


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