Fotos Richard Powers

Fui pesquisar um pouco sobre este fotógrafo inglês, quando encontrei uma entrevista que ele deu para uma Architectural Digest alemã.

E o que encontro… ele começa falando de São Paulo, aqui vai:

AD: Dear Mr. Powers, we have the pleasure to introduce you to our readers. It would be great if you could answer me some questions in order to write a small article. We show your photographs from an apartment in Sao Paulo. Did you know Sao Paulo before that shooting?

RP: Yes - I have been once before and loved it.

AD: What is the ambiance of this city?

RP: Sao Paulo is full of contrasts; a crazy megatropolis yet people are kind and gentle - you feel alive when you visit Brazil.

AD: Are you specializing in one or two themes (for example in architecture and interior)? Why? Or: Why not?

RP: I started out shooting everything in sight but now I am more specialised - as I grow into my career I find myself shooting predominately interiors and architecture .. it has been a natural progression. Why ? To photograph something well you need to have a passion for the subject - i would have made a terrible fashion photographer !
AD: What was the challenge when you photographed the home in Sao Paulo? Did you like it?

RP: One of my all time favorites - it was challenging because there are no windows in the living areas, only one enormous sky light - it was a challenge.
AD: When I look at the pictures on your website I am impressed by the scenery, the composition. But what is for you the most important thing for a good photography?

RP: balance is key - what and what not to include is as equally important as the shadows and highlights.

AD: What is the maxim for your work?

RP: I am working on a book project at the moment for Thames & Hudson shooting through a long list of iconic houses of the last century all over the globe - for me this is a "maxim" !
AD: Was there any surprising, new or very pleasant thing (anecdote) during the shooting?

RP: Unique, thought provoking architecture with creative interiors, furnishings, not to mention the art - it's a privilege to work in this environment and always a pleasant way to spend a day.
AD: Please give me the most important steps of your vita: birthday, study, professional steps, family, the city you live.

RP: I am self taught - I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, composing the frame in my mind then choosing the moment to capture the light, only now there's a camera .... oh and I just turned 40.

Essas 3 primeiras fotos foram tiradas aqui no Brasil, em Iporanga, São Paulo.

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